• Leah Hamilton Smith

The day and life of an event planner part 1

Be prepared for a long day ahead of you! As you must know this is not just going to be a very long day but before we even got to this day it was a very long couple of weeks. yes i said couple of weeks,whew, it is not easy being the one who is incharge of an entire event from the beginning to the end. Ok so here we go let just say this is how it starts.

Client calls and sets up an appointment ok so you greet them and the conversation begins,now we are all set and contracts are signed, Now the work starts colors are chosen,styles are laid out,flowers and design agreed on and now you have to get this all done. Here is my life, first checking inventory to see what i have that can pull this day off now, if i need to order anything now is the time to do it making sure it is early enough to get it delivered in case it might have to go back for some crazy reason, make sure all vendors who are needing to be there are available and ready to go it's a big job to be in charge of all these people but somebody has to do it.

As the wedding planner, you should schedule a Final Details Meeting at least two week but i like to meet at least 3wks before. This is a time to sit down with your clients and go over all the details of the wedding and the timeline which is the most crucial part because if the timeline is not correct the event will be a disaster but also in saying that sometimes things happen and you must be able to think on your feet. You should go over the design, the payments that have been made to date and any balances still owing, discuss their expectations for the wedding, and reviewing the timeline, etc. The Wedding Timeline, On the day of some weddings/events starts at 8am and ends at midnight! Make sure you have a good night’s sleep the night before so that you are alert and ready for anything that may come your way on the day of the wedding or event. This is a long night and you must be prepared.

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